How are Artonomos' products unique?

We never create a single duplicate of any item made. Each item made at Artonomos is uniquely crafted with a unique identification number. Two products from the same series will share a similar outlook but a different pattern/form. The same pattern/form will never be reused again.


What are Limited Collections?

Limited Collection works are our premium series created in limited quantities. Each piece will be marked with a its #id and the size the collection, For example, for a collection with 50 pieces, there will be 50 unique variants of a similar design. The first piece will be marked "1 of 50", the second "2 of 50", etc. Some of our works may not have any variants. These one of a kind creations are marked as a "Unique Piece".


How are your works created?

We create through a combined process of traditional handcrafting and cutting-edge digital fabrication technologies. As we make every item different, there is no place for traditional assembly lines.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally to all major countries. If you live in a remote area where delivery may be an issue, please contact us before purchase.


Are taxes included?

VAT is not required in Hong Kong where we are located. International buyers will be responsible for any customs/import duties/taxes required in the buyer's country. Please consult local authorities if in doubt.