Introducing Conception April 22 2014

We named our first product, an egg shaped table lamp, Conception. Its name carries multiple meanings. To start off with, conception means fertilization. Being our first fertilized product, it takes the form of an egg as the name suggests. Conception also means the beginning. It marks our first attempt debuting in the arena of product making. Its shape is fractured, like a cracked egg ready for a baby chick to be born. It also denotes an important concept that is conceived at Artonomos and defines what we do.

As our first product, it carries symbolic meanings which exemplify our philosophy of creating. Every one of the Conception family is created as a unique product. Not any two will be the same. We achieve this through a design process involving script writing, taking random parameters and transforming them into meaningful forms through mathematical manipulation. These scripts are the language in which we communicate with our computerized fabrication facilities. Our computers understand the scripts and uses them to create numerous members to the product family. Like our real families, each member is very much like their kin, while at the same time, uniquely different. Our digital fabrication lab then utilizes 3D printers to create the basic form of the lamp. Then our CNC milling machines carves out the elegant base with solid walnut. Custom made electronics is then fitted in to enable brightness control and lighting pattern. Finally, the cover is laser cut and each one is engraved with a unique serial number that embodies its unique quality.