Behind the Name April 16 2014

Artonomos is derived from "Ars" and "αὐτόνομος". As the Latin root of art, Ars means a skill, a craft, or an art. Where αὐτόνομος (or autonomos) is the origin of the word autonomous, which means having one's own laws.

Together, they spell out two fundamental elements that defines the work of our studio. First, we create art or craft, unlike factory produced products. We take Art and inscribe its essence into every day objects, crafting unique creations that you can not only use, but to admire, to cherish, to display. We believe in art, and we believe that art is not something that is reserved for galleries, or museums or the wealthy. We believe that art should be accessible. We do so not by degrading art, but instead, through technological innovations. We make our work affordable and accessible. 

Secondly, we take a novel approach to creativity. Instead of having our artists and designers build up the final products, we define parameters, rules, and laws which we call scripts. We allow our scripts to run themselves and generate endless design variations that are beyond our own imagination. This allows us to create things which we cannot even imagine. The result is then carried over to our studio workshop where we employ state of the art digital fabrication technologies, inter alia, laser cutting, CNC machining, and 3D printing. A combination of these processes, together with old fashioned craftsmanship is often required to ensure quality production.