Artonomos X BeCandle August 25 2014

Stay tuned for our upcoming collaborative product with BeCandle. We'll be creating a Limited Collection candle set, to be available Sep 2014.

Introducing Flounce, our new 3d printed pendant light August 04 2014

Meet Flounce, our new 3D printed pendant lamp. It’s form takes inspiration from the lively and bouncy movements of a females dress while dancing. The wrinkles, and folds on each lamp will be unique like all our other products...

Introducing Celestial June 19 2014

We have settled on the final design of our spherical lamp and we name the series “Celestial” to reflect its cosmic qualities. We’ve created a new base for this lamp, with similar controls like our Conception series, but with a 3D carved and sandblasted base.

Etsy shop debut May 30 2014

Sorry for the wait! Long overdue, our Etsy shop is finally open. Currently, we only have our Conception lamp on the rack, but stay tuned, we’ll be rapidly adding more to the collection. To celebrate shop opening of our shop, we are offering an early bird discount for the first ten lamps.

Updates: Spherical Lights May 20 2014

We’re further experimenting on new lamp ideas. We are testing out different internal forms for the spherical light with 3d printing. Hopefully we’ll be able to get to launch soon.

A glimpse at our gallery May 15 2014

Here’s a glimpse at our gallery in Hong Kong with one of our kittens resting over his cage. When we took this kitten and his brother to our studio in their early baby stage, we built this cage for them so that they were separated from our older cats...

Concept sketches for a new pendant lamp May 15 2014

We’re thinking of creating a large pendant lamp, taking inspiration from natural cocoons. Here are some concept sketches that we’ve been working on. Stay tuned.

New light in development May 09 2014

We’re experimenting on a new lamp design. The idea is to play with the distribution pattern of varying degree of translucency and transparency. Taking the simplest form of a sphere, we carve out smaller spheres of varying sizes to create different lighting effects...

Introducing Conception April 22 2014

We named our first product, an egg shaped table lamp, Conception. Its name carries multiple meanings. To start off with, conception means fertilization. Being our first fertilized product, it takes the form of an egg as the name suggests...

Behind the Name April 16 2014

Artonomos is derived from "Ars" and "αὐτόνομος". As the Latin root of art, Ars means a skill, a craft, or an art. Where αὐτόνομος (or autonomos) is the origin of the word autonomous, which means having one's own laws...